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Blockchain India is an initiative to build a global blockchain community through engaging forums that would focus on key sectors and domains, which would establish themselves as Knowledge and Networking Platforms. Blockchain India builds engagement for its conferences through validated content through third-party market research agencies and interactive formats.

Our Vision

We envision creating knowledge and networking platforms across multiple industries that would connect, engage, and empower corporates and government to define their strategy & future direction, develop growth opportunities and address problems facing their respective sectors and industries.

  • Learn from the best leaders of the world
  • Grow with Us
  • Meet like-minded people, grow network






Time (Hours) Event
09:00AM Inaugural Function
09:15AM-09:30AM Opening Remarks/ Welcome Address
09:30-10:00AM Blockchain as a present – Current Scenario
10:00AM-10:30AM Blockchain in future
10:30AM-10:45AM To be announced
10:45AM-11:10AM Blockchain in financial Market
11:10AM-11:30AM Break
11:30AM-12:15PM Panel Discussion and Q&A
Potential of Blockchain
Beyond Cryptocurrency
Changing Business and Industry
12:15PM-01:30PM Break/Lunch
01:30PM-02:00PM Smart Contract
02:00PM-02:15PM To be announced
02:15PM-02:45PM ICOs and Future of Funding
02:45PM-03:00PM To be announced
03:00PM-03:30PM To be announced
03:30PM-03:40PM To be announced
03:40PM-03:50PM To be announced
03:50PM-04:00PM To be announced
04:00PM-05:00PM Panel Discussion & Q&A
05:00PM Networking and Parties
Time (Hours) Event
09:15AM Opening Remark
09:30AM-10:00AM Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Future
10:00AM-10:10AM Gold Sponsored Company Presentation
10:10AM-10:40AM Crypto Economy
10:40AM-11:10AM Regulations and Policy
11:10AM-11:20AM To be announced
11:20AM-11:30AM Break
11:30AM-12:30PM Panel Discussion & Q&A - Topics
12:30PM-01:30PM Break/Lunch
01:30PM-02:00PM Blockchain in Real Estate
02:00PM-02:10PM To be announced
02:10PM-02:40PM Blockchain in Health Industry
02:40PM-02:50PM To be announced
02:50PM-03:00PM To be announced
03:00PM-03:30PM To be announced
03:30PM-04:30PM Panel Discussion & Q&A – Topics
04:30PM-04:40PM To be announced
04:40PM-04:50PM To be announced
04:50PM-05:00PM To be announced
05:00PM-05:15PM Results & Awards
05:15PM-05:30PM Closing Remarks
05:30PM Networking


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19th Main NS Palya
Bengaluru , India


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