World Blockchain Forum Conference – Dubai (WBF)


Hello Blockchain India Members,
World Blockchain Forum event in Dubai was
Few important take away –
1. Technology adoption in Dubai is super fast. ‘Smart dubai initiative is open to work with experts from all across world. But we need solutions not problems.’ – Mohammed Shael Al Saadi
2. ‘Academy’ is giving one of the finest training for Blockchain developers.
3. Shoping is one of the top startup of Blockchain recognised in WBF event. They have huge base in India too. CEO Eran Eyal is visionary and has a top quality knowledge of retail sector.
Shoping is next generation amazon.
4. Malta representative Christopher Emms
Shared about the Malta government adoption of Blockchain. Government is open to do worldwide business and bring Blockchain startups in Malta.
5. Most ICO pitch was normal and pitching existing platform.
Few good ICOs Pitch –
A. Aimedis
B. Leonardo render
C. Climate Futures
6. Majority wants to expand there branches in India but lack of regulation has created fear in most Blockchain startup.
Blockchain India take away –
1. Global exposure – Learned a lot from Dubai Blockchain Adoption.
2. Collaboration with 8+ startups(Promotional and Expansion in India)
3. Collaborated with 2 startups(Project work – Development)
4. Networking and connected with 50+ startups
Soon planning to launch our new initiative in Blockchain India.
Cheers from Blockchain India


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